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7-floor residential house (Donaufelderstrasse) – Vienna, Austria

Our role – Master Developer, beginning from getting a construction permit and ending with commissioning the house.

20 persons were involved
Project duration - 2 years

Entrance limits

The heating system of the building was arranged so that the building meets the category A energy consumption requirements. It means that the building has low-level energy consumption.

Façade heat insulation system BAUMIT made it possible for the building to acquire category A energy consumption.

Possibility to apply a burglar-resistant (category RC2) мetal constructions.

Elevators in the building of EP-AUFZUG AUSTRIA.


All sanitary ware in the building was purchased from PORCELANOSA GRUPO, series noken.

All ceramic tiles used for public access areas as well as for bathrooms were delivered by Concern PORCELANOSA GRUPO, series urbatek.
Location of the project presented one of the complexities. In the immediate vicinity of the building site there were trees, tramline and a residential building. All these circumstances prevented us from using a tower crane, therefore our team had to perform all works by hand.

Use was made of the aluminium window profile ETEM E75

Solid system for energy-conserving windows. Linear design of profiles meets modern aesthetic concepts. High efficiency, even under the most rigorous conditions of the environment. Specially designed sealants and insulators ensure reliability and energy efficiency.

Filling depth – to 55 mm (in a frame).

Infrastructural space for recreation of the residents was arranged at the minimum size surrounding grounds. Improvements were accomplished with the use of natural roll out lawns. Children's playground was installed.

Green roof was installed on the roofing areas of the first floors – it is a maintenance-free garden bed where the technologies developed by OPTI GRUN were applied.

Staircase landing

A particular feature of this project is a fire-extinguishing system which basic element is a fresh air plenum system and an air evacuation system in emergencies. The fire-extinguishing system meets the highest European standards (of AIRTEC company).


Flat interior

There is not a single radiator in the building – heat-insulated flooring only. Also, each flat has a thermostat enabling to set up an automatic control of the desired temperature.
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