Notification of the use of cookies

Our website, same as the majority of other sites, makes use of cookies and other similar technologies (web beacons, pixel tags, etc.) in order to provide services that are most convenient to your needs as well as to accumulate statistical data required for analysis and improvement of our services and sites.

This Notification of the use of cookies (hereinafter "the Notification") is a part of the Confidentiality policy.

Bu using this site you consent to use cookies and other similar technologies in accordance with this Notification.

Should you disagree with our use of this type of files, you need to set your browser configuration accordingly or not to use our site (see details in the section "How to manage cookies").

What a cookie and other similar technologies mean?

A cookie is a small text file saved in your computer, smartphone or other gadget which you use to visit the site.

Some of the visited pages may also collect information using pixel tags and web beacons that represent electronic images named single-pixel (1×1) or empty GIF-images.

We can place cookies in your gadget ("own" cookies) or they can be placed by other operators ("third party" cookies).

We use two types of cookies on the site: "cookie sessions" and "permanent cookies". Cookie sessions mean temporary files that remain in your gadget while you stay on the site. Permanent cookies remain in your gadget for a long time or until you delete them manually (the period while cookies stay in your gadget will depend on the duration or "time to live" of a specific file and your browser setting).

These files make the basis for collecting data which helps to evaluate efficiency of our services and improve them. For instance, in order to know when you visit our site, how you use it, what are your emailing and other content experiences as well as in order to remember your preferences, provide protected and safe servicing in online transactions, etc.

The information collected by such files and technologies is of a general nature and is not linked to identification of the individual users.

Nevertheless, when you purchase specific products from us, we can use the contact data submitted by you in combination with the data obtained due to cookies and similar technologies so as to analyse how you use our site and how to improve it. Such contact data is processed by us in accordance with the Confidentiality policy.

Kinds of cookies which can be used on our site

Essential cookies

These cookies allow you to visit sites and use their functions. If you turn them off, it will complicate functioning of the sites and can make their functions and services inaccessible.

Cookies referring to performance, efficiency and analysis

These files help us to understand your online experiences, reveal problems in its performance (e.g., error messages), assist to measure efficiency of our advertising campaigns and optimize them for benefit of the users.

Functional cookies

These help to save individual preferences of the users and customize the site content for them.

Advertising cookies

They are used to deliver target advertising and help us to evaluate the advertising campaign efficiency. We are able to share these files with the appropriate advertising systems and platforms where our advertising is placed.


We can also use the technologies that make it possible to track messages, see whether you have opened, read or re-addressed certain messages which we sent to your e-mail address. It is necessary so as to make our communication means for useful for you. If you do not want that we get such data you need to cancel subscription by using the reference "Unsubscribe" located below the corresponding mailing list.

Keys to access social networks

These are used so that the users can share a reference to a page in social networks or make a tab. These keys are references to the social network websites belonging to third parties who, in their turn, can fix information on your activity on the Internet, including on or site. Please, read the appropriate terms of use and confidentiality policy of such sites in order to understand how they use your data and how you can cancel their use of your data or delete them.

Third party web services

On our site we, sometimes, use third party web services. We resort to them, for instance, when we want to show one or another element (images, videos, presentations, etc.), organize questioning, pay for products and services via the payment systems, etc.). Same as with keys allowing access to social networks, we cannot preclude these sites or external domains to collect information concerning your use of the site content.

Modification of the cookies terms of use

At our own discretion we can modify this Notification from time to time. Such modifications stated in the Notification come into effect at the moment when a revised version is posted on the site. Your use of our site after making appropriate modifications means your consent to adopt the revised Notification.

The date of the latest update and the previous revision are indicated in the beginning of this Notification.

We advise you to re-read this Notification from time to time so as to be familiar with its current version.

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