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Reconstruction of a building (Grundsteingasse) – Vienna, Austria

Reconstruction of the roof, construction of two mezzanine floors.

About the project

One of the popular methods to reconstruct old housing blocks of European cities is renovation of roofing elements so as to create additional living areas in kind of mansards.

Complexity of such projects is due to a number of factors:

Quite often such facilities are architectural monuments which makes it necessary to preserve the architectural appearance of the building

Reconstruction is performed on the residential building

Hardness to install construction load-lifting equipment
The project deals with reconstruction of the 340 m² roofing and construction of two upstairs mansard floors of 351 m² total area.
Peculiarity of this facility is due to impossibility of using the top floor ceiling as a site for erecting partitions and floorings. It is connected with the fact that the reconstructed building is old which makes it impossible to exert loads on the ceiling. In view of this situation it was decided to build upstairs floors using a cantilever suspended method which provides for loading the front and rear walls of the building only.

Another innovative solution applied for making the suspended floor was a decision to use a bridge-type metal substructure and flooring elements, namely KLH adhesive-bonded panels. These panels are made of high-quality timber by gluing at high pressure so as to obtain panels to 120 mm thick, to 16 m long and to 2.5 m wide.
Now fire safety works are in progress – special gypsum panels manufactured at high pressure and preventing fire spread completely isolate the top floor before installing the load-bearing metal construction. Heights of flues and ventilation ducts are increased by brick laying with the use of special non-spalling bricks.
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