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Turks and Caicos Islands

Hotel complex where we were the General Designer of the project, developed the project and successfully agreed it with local authorities and got approval of the project with the operator.

About the project

The facility is a 5-star Marine Resort & Spa complex with its own yacht club located in the front row in the beginning of the famous Grace bay coast.
The complex consists of six 5-6-storey buildings offering, in total, more than 150 rooms plus detached SPA and sports club buildings. Within the complex area there are water pools, lounge zones, restaurants and boutiques.

What has been done:

The idea chosen by the customer has been adapted and the architectural project of the complex has been developed
The working design of all buildings of the project has been developed with due account of the standards and requirements of the local legislation
Innovative technologies have been used in the project, including those concerning energy efficiency, wastewater treatment, etc
We have been working in partnership with one of the world renowned hotel brands so as to develop the project in accordance with all highest requirements and specific character of this industry
We participated in the defense of the project and have obtained all necessary permits to start the construction
We have developed a complicated logistics system to ensure the optimum delivery of materials and equipment from around the world that were required for accomplishing the project
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