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Private prefabricated building in Velká Dobrá, Czech Republic

The project is on-going now. Our role – General Contractor.

About the project

Our project in Velká Dobrá village presents a private two-floor house built of straw eco-panels. It combines high-tech and modern styles.

The project has been developed and is being implemented in Prague, Czech Republic. Construction in this city is of modular type – quickly erectable buildings. Such format makes it possible to quickly erect the building frame which already has primary finishing ready for further completion with all kinds of materials.

Velká Dobrá project was initially planned as a concrete building. Still the company decided to shift to use of the environmentally friendly technologies and systems.
All wall and roof panels were made with the use of straw and sand-and-clay mixture panels. In construction straw panels provide for absence of beams while concrete panels allow of such option. The construction company has solved this task. Beams became elements of the straw panels proper.

The idea to built-in the beams is a know-how of our company.
The advantages of such construction format:

Environmental friendliness

Quick set up

High energy performance certificate

Minimum heat losses of the building

Class A energy consumption

Construction material has the lowest heat loss coefficient among eco-materials

The material allows of erecting buildings of absolutely any shape and architecture
Private two-floor house built of straw eco-panels. The main task is:

to develop a heat-saving system

to develop a reliable sound insulation system

to provide for high degree of fire safety

to ensure a possibility to develop a unique design

to work out a "breathing" wall concept

to provide for electromagnetic emission jammers
Velká Dobrá is located 15 km from Prague. Such location serves several functions at once - a wonderful place for permanent residence because commuting will not take much time. Also, it is an excellent option for suburban residence where you can spend your weekends.
Velká Dobrá meets all safety standards. In such house you will feel yourself protected to the maximum extent.

High degree of fire safety

Straw in panels is pressed so hard that there remains no air which is required for combustion. All finishing of the buildings is made of environmentally-friendly materials.

Jamming of electromagnetic fields

All electrical networks in the building are laid in special corrugated pipes which works as a jammer.

All finishing of buildings and adjacent area I made of modern and environmentally-friendly materials. One of the conditions imposed by such panels is that one of their sides should not be processed by any means and be opened so as to ensure ventilation.
The unique feature of the buildings is that straw houses allow of making unusual eco-design. Reliefs of clay, clay floors, the furniture made of straw or of natural wood – all that becomes particularly relevant in eco-houses constructed in accordance with all advanced technologies.


When implementing the Velká Dobrá project we cooperated with Porcelanosa – one of the leading companies.

@porcelanosa means European standards and best solutions. The company is known due to its many awards in the sphere of architecture and design. Its quality and popular appeal reach the highest level. Porcelanosa embodies all ideas concerning tile finishing and bathroom and kitchen solutions of your projects.

Enormous work scope was accomplished for the development of modular buildings made of straw panels.
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